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Scholarships + Commission

Phenomenal Flame is proud to announce its partnership with House of Artists Foundation.

This partnership is focused on providing contract employment to artists with autism + people with other developmental or physical special needs via commission payments for sales of Phenomenal Flame candles.

Artists can sell at their own pace from the comfort of their home and don't have to worry about housing inventory as all sales are exclusively sold online at

Funds must go towards a Camp Artism scholarship for that particular artist OR directly into an ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) account for the loved one with special needs. Personal checking/savings accounts are not accepted for commission deposits.

- - - - -  See further details below (scroll)- - - - -

The Details

  • $10.00 of every Phenomenal Flame sold & shipped on their behalf is paid directly to the artist with special needs into their ABLE account OR towards their Camp Artism Scholarship. *

  • Anyone can buy a Phenomenal Flame at however, to receive a commission payment or funds toward the tuition for Camp Artism, the artist must be registered to attend ( OR have an ABLE account. If you are choosing for your sales commission to go towards the tuition for Camp Artism, a payment invoice will be emailed and updated as sales come in under the artist's name that's stated at checkout in the comment section from the buyer.

  • Once Camp Artism tuition is paid in full (for those who choose that option), the artists can continue to sell Phenomenal Flame candles and have their commission payments go into their ABLE account until registration is open again for the next year.

  • Camp Artism is for artists with autism ages 12 and up- even adults over age 20. If they aren't of age- yet to attend Camp Artism, commission payments might be eligible to go into their ABLE account. Check with your state of residence first to see the age requirements for deposits being made into an ABLE account.

  • ABLE account commission deposits don't have to go towards Camp Artism tuition and are great for people with special needs to cover essentials that are necessary for Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE). Each state has their own ABLE account application. Phenomenal Flame nor House of Artists Foundation is responsible for ABLE account details nor are we able to access the account internally. We only make deposits into the account based on the information provided to us on the interest form below. ABLE is a state supported program for whichever state the artist resides in. See further details below.

  • Commission deposits are made monthly once the shipment(s) are complete.

  • At checkout, buyers of Phenomenal Flame must write the name of the artist they are supporting in the comment section and also provide the ABLE account number / Ugift code for that particular artist (if applicable). If a name is not entered at checkout, House of Artists Foundation will only receive $5.00 of that Phenomenal Flame sold & shipped which will go towards the Camp Artism Scholarship Fund (a general scholarship funds account for House of Artists Foundation)

  • How to sell: Invite your friends, family members, and colleagues to buy Phenomenal Flame candles on you or a loved one who has special needs behalf and enter their name in the comment section at checkout, so the commission goes into their ABLE account or is credited toward the tuition cost to attend Camp Artism. If going towards Camp Artism, the artist must be registered to attend (

- - - - -If you are ready to start selling Phenomenal Flame candles, please complete the interest form below to receive the full application via email. - - - - -

Interest Form

Reminder: This form is not the ABLE account form. This is the general interest form for anyone with a physical or developmental special need(s) who wants to sell Phenomenal Flame candles and receive commission.

How did you hear about us?
Where would you like your comission payment(s) to go?

Thanks for interest!
A member of our team will contact you with additional details to complete the application.





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